Why Is Jing-Mei Able To Get Away With Making A Lot Of Mistakes On The Piano? (Correct answer)

Mr. Chong, Jing-piano Mei’s instructor, is deaf and has poor vision, therefore she is able to get away with making a lot of mistakes when she is playing the piano.

How does Jing-Mei make her mother’s anger spill over?

Jing-mei screams and curses at her mother, saying things like, “Then, I wish I wasn’t your daughter” and “I wish you weren’t my mother,” among other things. “It felt like worms and toads and slimy things were crawling out of my chest, but it also felt lovely,” she adds of the experience. Jing-mei wished to witness her mother’s rage by bringing up the subject of the incident.

Which musical piece does Jing-Mei play incorrectly at her recital?

“Pleading Child,” a simple, somber, slower work, was performed during Jing-concert. Mei’s The music represented her conflict of will with her mother, who wished to develop a piano prodigy but Jing-Mei did not wish to be a pianist.

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Why does Jing-Mei refuse to take the piano lessons?

As a result of her previous experiences with her mother’s prodigy ideals, Jing-mei is confident that she will fail miserably when it comes to playing the piano. She dreads the thought of disappointing her mother and herself again again, and she believes her mother is placing unreasonable expectations on her.

How does Jing-Mei come to realize her mother’s true intentions?

But it is only after her mother’s death that Jing-mei comes to comprehend the nature of her mother’s intentions for her. After taking another listen to the music that she had previously avoided, she notices something she had missed before. It is via this insight that we are able to bring the issue of the conflict between mothers and daughters together.

How does Jing-Mei rebel against her mother’s high expectations?

The exams are something she despises. After passing the exams and seeing her mother’s dismay, she was heartbroken by the realization that she wasn’t a prodigy after all. When Jing-Mei had a temper tantrum over her piano lessons, her mother was irritated and upset.

Why does Jing-Mei’s mother grow even angrier at this point?

Jing-mei imposes her will in the most recent battle about piano lessons, causing her mother to grow enraged since Suyuan believes she is acting only for the benefit of her daughter. Her greatest worry is that her mother has lost hope in her and abandoned her.

What is one reason why Jing Mei plays poorly at the talent show?

What do you think is one of the reasons Jing-Mei performs so poorly on the talent show? Her mother interrupts her as she is engaged in play.

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How does Jing Mei transform change throughout the story?

As Jing-mei continues to examine herself, the “ordinary… sad, unattractive girl” evolves into the “prodigy side” of herself, a girl who is “mad” and “powerful,” as she continues to stare in the mirror (p. 134). With Jing-shifting mei’s attitude toward her mother’s expectations comes a visual metamorphosis that is tied to her changing mindset.

Why does Jing Mei have such a lazy attitude toward her piano studies?

Jing-classes Mei’s aren’t going so well for her. Sadly, Mr. Chong is not able to correct any of her errors due to his deafness. She has the ability to be careless with her practice and unconcerned with the quality of her performances.

Why does Jing-Mei refuse to take the piano lessons in the scene above think about the context of the scene?

What is the reason behind Jing-refusal mei’s to enroll in piano lessons in the scenario above? Jing-mother mei’s wants daughter to continue playing the piano because if she quits, Jing-mei will have won the competition. Her mother is looking for a daughter that will be respectful. She has also maintained her belief in her daughter’s ability to achieve success.

How does Jing-Mei win the disagreement over the piano lessons?

What strategy does Jing-mei use to “win” the argument over the piano lessons? She makes an appeal to her father, who supports Jing-position. mei’s When she mentions the two infants that died, her mother is taken aback. She accepts to participate in a talent show by playing the piano.

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What happens when Jing-Mei refuse to take piano lessons?

Her mother’s displeasure with her. What happens when Jing-Mei refuses to sit at the piano and perform her piece? Her mother physically pushes her in front of the piano, grabbing her by the shoulders. She claims that only obedient girls are permitted to reside in the house.

What does Jing-Mei promise the aunties at the end of the story?

At the conclusion of the narrative, what does Jing-mei vow to “the aunties”? ‘The aunties’ have assured Jing-mei that she will share whatever she knows about their mother with her half-sisters in China. The term “ghost” referred to whatever they were “forbidden to discuss,” not that her mother was no longer alive.

What does Jing-Mei say that prompts her mother to give up hope?

What does Jing-Mei say that causes her mother to lose faith in her daughter? Jing-Mei has fond memories of the babies that her mother abandoned in China. She wishes that she had never been born, and she wishes that she had died, just like the infants, to save the world from her fate. Her mother becomes discouraged as a result of this.

How do Jing-Mei’s mother’s expectations of her daughter relate to her expectations of America?

What does Jing-Mei say that causes her mother to lose faith in her daughter’s abilities? During her childhood in China, Jing-Mei recalls the babies that her mother had to abandon. They are the ones who wish that she had never been born, and they are the ones who wish that she had died like the infants. Her mother becomes discouraged as a result.

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