Who Is The Piano Guy? (Solution found)

The Piano Guys
Members Jon Schmidt Steven Sharp Nelson Paul Anderson Al van der Beek
Past members Tel Stewart
YouTube information
Also known as The Piano Guys


Why are The Piano Guys called The Piano Guys?

“I appreciate how music can help you feel the spirit,” Van Der Beek stated of music’s ability to help people feel the spirit. “It’s really beautiful how music can make you cry,” she says. One point that is frequently questioned is why they are referred to as the piano people when there is only one piano on the premises. We’re named The Piano Guys, but people have told us we’re really a piano group; we’re actually a cello group, Nelson added.

Are The Piano Guys brothers?

The Piano Guys are technically a duo consisting of pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, but they are also a 21st century multimedia collective that includes Paul Anderson, studio engineer and writer Al van der Beek, as well as Paul Anderson and studio engineer and writer Al van der Beek.

Are The Piano Guys famous?

Since they began uploading their masterpieces on YouTube, the Piano Guys have become well-known worldwide. They began with pieces for piano and cello that were a wonderful combination of classical, rock & roll, and modern music styles. They have been uploading their work in the highest possible video quality since the beginning.

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Are the piano guys LDS?

All four are fervent followers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is based in Salt Lake City. Each of them performed full-time proselytizing missions: Anderson in Washington state, Schmidt in Norway, Nelson and van der Beek in Korea, each on a different mission.

How old is Steven Sharp Nelson?

Schmidt appears in the group’s videos, where he plays a range of Yamaha pianos. “Paul has a whole store full of them, and they’re very good instruments,” Schmidt explains.

Where was piano Guys O Come Emmanuel filmed?

The Piano Guys are a group of musicians who play piano. The Piano Guys’ opinions on this Christmas classic were as follows: “We hope that this song will provide an opportunity to reflect on everything we are blessed with in life—family, a beautiful earth, a place to rest our heads, the warmth of the sun.” This video was shot on site at the Jerusalem film set of The Passion of the Christ.

What happened to the daughter of The Piano Guys?

—The Piano Guys, to give them their proper name. The Piano Guys’ opinions on this Christmas classic were as follows: “We hope that this song will provide a chance to reflect on everything we are fortunate to have in life—family, a beautiful earth, a place to rest our heads, the warmth of the sun. Video shot on location at The Jesus Film Set in Jerusalem for this video was produced by The Jesus Film.

How many wonders of the world have the piano guys been to?

The Piano Guys have now filmed at four of the Seven Wonders of the World, bringing their total number of films to seven. The Piano Guys journeyed to Petra, Jordan, after carrying a piano atop the Great Wall of China, climbing to the top of the Christ Redeemer Statue, and seeing Chichen Itza, among other destinations.

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Where do the piano guys live?

In addition, Nelson stated that “if Utah is our home, St. George is our hometown.” While the members of The Piano Guys do not all reside in Southern Utah, the group’s genesis took place mostly here. While in town for a performance, Schmidt happened to wander into a St. John’s church.

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