How To Mic An Upright Piano? (Best solution)

In the case of an upright piano, the two microphones are often positioned either directly above and below the keyboard with the top of the piano open, or you may remove the piano’s front panel under the keyboard and install the microphones below the keyboard.

How do you mic a piano at home?

To summarize, while recording an upright piano, you must do the following:

  1. Remove the top panel to reveal the strings and record in a large room (the larger the better). Use a condenser or ribbon microphone. Place two condenser microphones at either end of the piano, somewhat above the player’s head.

Is a condenser mic good for piano?

Microphone with cardioid polar pattern from TONOR Because of its wide frequency response (20-20000Hz) and low noise, this microphone will deliver the best possible sound quality for you. These are some of the most incredible characteristics for a piano recording. If you’re looking to get a microphone to capture your piano sound, this is one to take into consideration.

How can I make my upright piano sound better?

Placing an upright piano against a hard surface will provide the best reflection and a sensation of strength because of the reflection. Due to the fact that softer materials absorb higher frequencies more readily than harder materials, full spectrum listening is best achieved with firmer surfaces. If, on the other hand, the goal is to soften the sound, consider placing draperies behind the piano.

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How do you record a piano with two microphones?

When employing two microphones, it is critical to adhere to the 3:1 ratio at all times: Maintain a distance between your microphones that is at least three times greater than the distance between each microphone and the piano strings (the sound source). You will be able to maintain appropriate phase alignment as a result of this. At the console, you may also keep an eye on the phase.

Which microphone is the most suitable option for recording an upright piano?

Reduced self-noise: Large diaphragm condenser microphones are often regarded to be the ideal choice for miking an upright piano due to their low self-noise. These microphones are active, and as a result, they produce self-noise.

Which mic is best for piano recording?

What are the 5 best microphones for recording piano? (2022)

  1. Neumann U87 AI acoustic instrument.
  2. Rode M5 – A newer version of the U87, which is one of the most famous microphones of all time. Editor’s Choice It is a small and reasonably priced solution for recording the piano. It includes the AKG Pro Audio C414XLS, the Rode NT5, and the MXL 770 microphones.

What is a cardioid mic?

A cardioid microphone is distinguished from other types of microphones by the fact that it is unidirectional. Unlike the cardioid, which has complete sensitivity on-axis, the cardioid’s polar pattern has sensitivity at 180°, which is in concept -; in practice >20 dB, in principle.

How do you mic an upright piano for live performance?

Although it is possible to mic an upright piano with a single microphone, most engineers prefer to use two microphones placed at identical depths on opposing sides of the piano for better results. A balanced tone is produced by a pair of microphones spread out at the upper position, which is comparable to the tone produced by the green position of a grand piano.

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Should an upright piano face a wall?

In order to keep the piano upright, it should be positioned against an interior wall and away from direct sunlight as well as air vents, doors, and windows. These precautions aid in the preservation of your piano’s general condition, tuning stability, and long-term performance. The majority of the sound produced by an upright piano originates from the rear of the instrument.

Should you put a rug under a piano?

If you have a grand piano, you should absolutely lay a mat below it. Your piano’s sound will be improved in the room as a result of this reduction in echo. It is not required to use a rug if the table is upright.

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