How Much Are Ivory Piano Keys Worth? (Solution found)

Ivory is used to make piano keys for a variety of reasons.

  • Piano keys were initially fashioned of ivory, not only because of its high monetary worth and aesthetic appeal, but also because of its ability to absorb sweat due to its characteristics. As a result, ivory keys, as opposed to plastic keys, would lessen the likelihood of the pianist’s fingers slipping.

Are ivory keys on a piano valuable?

Many times, a technician may have a supply of ivory key tops on hand in case one of the keys on a piano has to be changed. Prior to the tightening of the regulations, a set of ivory keys may have been worth several thousand dollars. There are still some people that sell them now. When it comes to dealing with ivory, you should proceed with caution because the legalities might be complicated.

Can you sell piano keys ivory?

In the mid-1950s, the American piano industry voluntarily discontinued the use of ivory as a key covering material and replaced it with plastic. Individuals and dealers shall not be authorized to purchase, sell, or accept in exchange ivory-keyed pianos unless the ivory has been removed from the piano prior to the item being transported.

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Can I sell old piano keys?

It is against the law to sell or trade ivory. The moral of the story is: don’t do it! Many tuners, technicians, and merchants also have an excess of ivory keytops accessible to them from old secondhand pianos, which they may use to make new pianos (many times the piano even disposed or given away for free, with the ivories intact).

How can I tell if my piano keys are ivory?

Try to find an ultraviolet flashlight. Keep your hand above the piano keys. It is possible to tell that the keys are made of ivory if the keys reflect either a dazzling white or a violet-blue color when illuminated. Artificial materials, such as resins or plastics, will have an entirely different response than natural materials.

What pianos are worth money?

the most valuable companies and products are those that have retained their worth the longest and are the most re-sellable on the open market: Steinway & Sons pianos that are less than 40 years old (30 years old is the cutoff to be considered for the Steinway Certified Pre-Owned Program) Pianos made by Yamaha and Kawai that are less than 15 years old.

When did they stop making ivory piano keys?

In the early 1970s, many American piano manufacturers stopped using ivory; however, some international piano manufacturers in parts of Europe and Asia continued to use ivory throughout the 1980s, until the ivory trade was finally banned in an effort led by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in 1992.

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Do they still make ivory pianos?

Keys on pianos manufactured more than 300 years ago were exclusively composed of wood, but ivory eventually became the favored material due to its superior quality and endurance. Ivory is generally obtained from rhinoceros and elephants, among other animals. Despite the fact that ivory-keyed pianos are no longer being made, many antique ivory-keyed pianos continue to exist and are in use.

How do you tell if something is real ivory?

Heat the point of a needle until it is red hot, and then puncture the area you perceive to be your ivory carving with the hot needle point. If the needle goes in, it’s most likely plastic; if it doesn’t, it’s most likely ivory or at the very least bone.

How much is an ounce of ivory worth?

At $200 an ounce, a reasonable estimate of the illicit ivory trade comes in at roughly $1.44 billion per year, which is enough to encourage some individuals to kill for the sake of the trade.

When did Steinway stop using ivory keys?

1956 – Steinway, along with the other American piano makers, came to an agreement to phase out the use of ivory keys and replace them with plastic.

What’s the price of ivory?

Ludwig Steinway and the other American piano makers agreed in 1956 that ivory keys would be phased out in favor of polymer-coated plastic keys.

Where is the best place to sell a piano?

There are generic categorized pages such as, for example,

  • Craigslist, Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace, Kiji, and eBay are all examples of online marketplaces.
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Who will buy my old piano?

The Option to Make a Donation

  • Piano Finders:
  • Piano Adoption:
  • Pianos for Education:
  • Society of Unique Artists:
  • Keys 4/4 Kids:
  • Pianos for Education: www.pian

How do you clean ivory piano keys?


  1. Prepare a clean cloth by soaking it in water. Remove surface layer dirt and marks by wiping them away with a clean soft cloth. Apply a tiny quantity of mild soap to the affected area. Apply a few dab of mild soap to the moist towel once it has been dampened. Lightly wipe the keys with a soft cloth. Each key should be wiped individually. Ensure that the keys are dry.

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