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Keyboard players - experience playing and singing your favorite songs with a real band. NoteStar is Yamaha's digital sheet music application for the iPad that features hands-free, smooth-flowing, easy-to-read digital sheet music accompanied by realistic audio backing tracks with vocals.

Choose your NoteStar Experience!

NoteStar now offers 3 types of songs so you can choose the experience that's best for you. All NoteStar songs feature automatic, hands-free page turning in time with the music, so you can keep your hands on the keys where they belong.

Piano Solo
The songs in this series feature separate reference audio tracks for keyboard left and right hands. Each audio track can be independently muted for hands separate or hands together practice and performance.
Full Band
The songs in this series feature a realistic audio backing track and a separate keyboard reference audio track. Each audio track can be independently muted for practice or to provide a unique 'in the band' performance experience.
Full Band with Vocals
The songs in this series feature a professional audio backing track and separate keyboard reference and lead vocal audio tracks. Each of the aforementioned tracks can be independently muted for practice or to provide a unique in-the-band performance experience, with or without vocals.

Screen-Flow Technology

Screen-Flow Technology

Adjust Note Size


Flexible, Digital Sheet Music!

NoteStar provides outstanding control of every digital sheet music title in the catalog!

Unique mixing tools allow you to listen to and play along with band, or isolate the keyboard, vocal, and independent left and right hand keyboard parts for reference.(when available)
Adjust the tempo and transpose any song to make learning new songs easier.
Adjust the tempo to make learning new songs easier!
Easily change the note size with a single touch. No zooming required.
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Mixing Tools

Transpose Tool

Tempo Tool

Hands-free Page Turning

A Diverse Catalog That Is Always Expanding!

NoteStar is fast, easy, and full of your favorite songs!

Chart-topping hits, all-time favorites, and classical piano solos specifically created for the keyboard.
Free 30-second previews of every song in the catalog.
Songs are $1.99 - $3.99USD.

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